Gen received bachelor’s and master’s degrees in communication and public administration from University of the Philippines. She was granted a fellowship and completed a course on energy management at Maastricht School of Management and University of Twente in The Netherlands. Immediately after completing her communication’s degree, she was recruited by a multimedia company to look after its commercial print and audio products, in particular marketing them to select customer groups through direct mail campaign. She left the comfort of the publications role and took on the challenge of political writing — conceptualising and designing print campaign media, conducting eco-social research and writing press releases. Later she was offered to join a congressional policy research department, and saw herself for the next 11 years analysing and writing policy papers, advising members of parliament on pressing policy issues and facilitating conduct of public consultations and related community engagement approaches.  She has written economic and political papers for publication by the think tank Center for Research and Communication, now University of Asia and the Pacific. The appeal of corporate advertising pulled her back to media environment and found herself working for five years at Fairfax Media NZ, coordinating and organising massive agency adverts for New Zealand’s community and regional publications.