Pablo earned a Bachelor of Science in Statistics and a Diploma in Public Management.  He started out his extensive research career at the think tank Center for Research and Communication (CRC) when in 1991 it offered him research role.  There he immediately sank his teeth into research, making headways on feasibility studies for clients with business interests on healthcare, oil and electricity industries.  From a junior research role, Pablo saw himself moving up to researcher and then to senior researcher in a span of seven years.  He was twice awarded the meritorious performance in research while at CRC. Later in his career, Pablo was offered a senior role at a private research and consulting firm where he was tasked to handle not only research projects but also the overall company operations. His enthusiasm to explore other research areas led him to join the Transport Engineering Research New Zealand, which specialises in transport issues. All through his research career, Pablo intensely involved himself in statistical data analysis and monitoring, technical reports writing, surveys and feasibility studies administration, and conferences/media presentation of his research findings. His scores of published works and consultancy projects speak well of his passionate love affair with research and communication.