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Pablo Villasenor

Director of Research

BS Stat, DipPM

mobile : 021 0260 6887

e-mail : pablo.villasenor@varianz.co.nz

Gen Villasenor

Director of Communication

BA Comm, MPA

mobile : 021 262 8114

e-mail : gen.villasenor@varianz.co.nz

Gen has 20 years of experience in communication, half the time marketing ideas to a policymaking institution, and rest the time creating value for ad and media agencies.  She has held research writing jobs at both public and private think tanks, and assumed advertising and marketing roles at local and overseas media companies. She has looked after hundreds and hundreds of press materials for running into community and regional papers—coordinating print ads and ensuring copy and content relevance. She has offered media advice and helped shore up management of inserts for print and digital distribution. She has also handled a range of marketing strategies, from writing blurbs and organising book fairs to launching direct mail campaign to select market groups.  She has authored well over a dozen of papers, a number caught media attention and helped shaped policy decisions. Read more…
Pablo has 20 years of research experience under his belt. Since 1991, he has completed scores of projects involving market and industry analyses, feasibility studies and surveys. Most of these were on transport, oil and gas, import and export, electricity, trade, renewable energy, and environment. His clients consist a mix of private businesses and independent organisations that include Transport Engineering Research New Zealand, Mackie Research and Consulting Ltd, The International Academy of New Zealand, Japan External Trade Organisation and Center for Research and Communication. A true-blue researcher with solid grounding on statistics and hands-on approach, he has written and publicly delivered dozens of research and advocacy papers, many of which contained recommendations that helped achieve growth and performance targets, and some elicited positive media reviews. Read more…